art and travel

My goal is to have more time and space for art and travel. Right now, my life is all about things and more things.

No single person needs to live in a three bedroom two bath house, two car garage and an acre of land unless they plan to have a family or animal farm. I have been living like this for many many years and need to move away from stuff and toward experiences. I don’t expect the process to be instant or quick. In fact, if I can just come up with a methodology for getting myself sorted and start wrapping my head around not having things as goals, it would be a nice beginning.

everything but the kitchen sink

not sinking any lower

Well, starting with the kitchen sink… anyway.. The kitchen sink is one of the hardest parts of keeping up because it never ends when you are cooking most of your own meals…. Anticipation of the chore has always been a downer because it’s mind-numbingly boring to wash the same things over and over.. I did throw away all my mismatched flatware and purchase a pattern I at least enjoy holding repeatedly… music or public radio is most certainly on for dish washing drudgery..