auto pilot

Read this book ASAP: Auto Pilot by Andrew Smart. (But don’t put it on your to do list.) This book is counterintuitive in that Mr. Smart uses very clear science to argue against the all-pervasive productivity work cultures, especially in American businesses. I now understand more about the feelings of tyranny that surrounds me when I encounter a todo list. This book has added a fresh perspective on my own ADD and why my instinct to meditate to reorder my thought is right on.

a ways to go…

I have been using the app called Waze, which is owned by Google, to get around the streets in Atlanta. I actually think the traffic on my residential street has increased because the app has made my street a shortcut for a lot more cars.. so.. now the neighborhood has been brought together to put in speed bumps or traffic calming. I welcome the change… thanks Waze!!!!

give me some credit

I think I get a credit application in my mail box every day… or at least four a week. It really is quite a waste of paper and energy. The envelopes just accumulate on my kitchen table..  I found this to stop the madness: Honestly, I’d rather get a ton of credit card offers in the mail than junk phone calls.. I think I got six of those today.. I’m getting to the point I don’t answer the phone most of the time unless there’s a name I specifically know. Why aren’t the phone companies doing anything about this? Don’t they want me to keep paying them x bucks a month?


for the good of the will

Separating myself from stuff seems to be easier than it used to be, even as little as a year ago.. I wonder if that has something to do with the determination to lose weight as well…. I started the oʇǝʞ (yep, upside down text, so I don’t get a million ads for special food) diet on August 4th. The diet completely changes the way that I eat…. and with all the salmon, and salads and fresh food, its costing a lot more as well. What really got me to change my eating was the muscle pain from statins. I couldn’t handle the all-over body aches from the atorvastatin so I just quit taking them.. My doctor will not like it but at least I can get out of bed now. The carbs were hard to stop, but after about a week the addiction anxiety from no sugar and breads started to fade. I’ve lost about 8 pounds in the first month.

some more stuff I got rid of today. I have a Vitamix, so losing the bullit mixer was easy. Never bothered with the fancy ice cubes and trays… off to the goodwill bag!